Couch Bright King & Co came into being on 1st July 1970 with the  amalgamation of the Uxbridge firm of Couch Bright & Co., with the  London firm of Stanley King & Co., both firms having been  established before 1930.  

The founding Senior Partners, Leslie Couch and Stanley King respectively, both coincidentally died in harness in 1960.

Each  constituent firm had particular expertise in rather different areas of  professional work which meant that the new amalgamated firm was able to  offer a wider range of services to clients.

Since 1970 Couch  Bright King & Co. has expanded in London, leaving Russell Square for  more convenient and spacious accommodation in Gower Street in 1973.

The  lease of Gower Street came to an end in 2017 so in November of that  year the firm relocated to Shropshire House, 179 Tottenham Court Road.